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Pylos is a building game with a difference. Each player has 15 spheres and they must take turns to place one on the pyramid base. The aim is to be the last player to place a sphere, thus completing the pyramid. Tactics come into play as squares of spheres are formed, as players may then choose to stack spheres to build higher levels or to form further squares, each of which may enable the player to take back one or more spheres from the board.

  • Simple to learn but challenging to play!
  • Suitable for children aged 8+
  • 2-player game
  • Great strategy game
  • Award-winning game in Italy and the USA

Players: 2

Age: 8+

Carton size: 6

SKU: G30072

Contents: 1 board, 30 wooden spheres, 1 cloth bag, rules booklet