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Papayoo is a card game with a difference. As well as the usual four suits, this pack includes 20 Payoo cards, each with its own value. Players aim to collect as few points as possible, trying to avoid the Payoo cards and especially the Papayoo, which changes with each round. Begin the game by discarding some of the cards you don’t want in your hand and passing them to the player on your left - but you will get the discarded pile of the player on your right. Then play rounds of clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades or Payoos, keeping tricks you win, but trying not to pick up the high-scoring Payoos.

  • Simple to learn but challenging to play!
  • Suitable for children aged 7+
  • Game for 3-8 players
  • Great strategy game

Players: 3-8

Age: 7+

Carton size: 6

SKU: G40021

Contents: 60 cards, 1 8-sided die, rules booklet