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Crazy Letters

RRP: £23.00

​This fast-paced word game will strengthen quick-thinking skills and leave everyone wondering which way is up! Players roll the die to determine a category (such as ‘Games & Hobbies’ or ‘In the Kitchen’) and then draw a card from that category. The first player to figure out the jumbled letters shouts out the word to win the card.

You may need to read from right to left or from the bottom up, while unique fonts and rotated letters add to the topsy turvy challenge. The first player to collect 20 cards wins.

  • Simple to learn but challenging to play!
  • Suitable for children aged 10+
  • Can be played by 2 or more players
  • Great for helping to develop observation and visual perception skills

Players: 2+

Age: 10+

Carton size: 6

SKU: M68495

Contents: 550 cards, 1 die, rules leaflet