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Meet the team


Gary Wyatt


Favourite game: Alpha Animals

Did you know: I have lived in seven different countries.


Sarah Winter

Acting Head of Sales

Favourite game: BrainBox Cities of the World

Did you know: I have been to a church inside the mountains in Armenia.


Debbie Channer

International Account Manager

Favourite game: 10 Up!

Did you know: I have completed 9 marathons including London and Copenhagen.


Sarah Bullivant

Head of Green Board Education

Favourite game: Ladders

Did you know: I am a descendant of the Ansells brewing family.


Amy Stock

Operations Support Manager

Favourite game: Dinosaur Dinners

Did you know: I have sky dived over Lake Taupo in New Zealand.


Kay Harris

Key Accounts Manager

Favourite game: BrainBox Peppa Pig

Did you know: I am currently learning sign language - BSL level 1.


Greg Brown

Sales Administrator

Favourite game: BrainBox Space

Did you know: I have DJ'd at the Royal Albert Hall.


Karen Nunn


Favourite game: Befuzzled

Did you know: I have met Prince Charles and Camilla.


Tom Fifield

Finance Executive

Favourite game: BrainBox Myths & Monsters

Did you know: I can do 962 kick ups with a football and over 200 with a tennis ball!


Sue Jauncey

Research & Copywriter

Favourite game: BrainBox Shakespeare

Did you know: I have sung on stage at the O2.


Ciaran Colyer


Favourite game: BrainBox Predators

Did you know: I have been to base camp Everest.


Georgie Dobie


Favourite game: Q-bitz Jr.

Did you know: I have taught thousands of people how to swim.


Sue Tovey

Production and Planning Manager

Favourite game: BrainBox World History

Did you know: I was the top Burmese breeder in 2005 and 2006.


Pete Calvert

Warehouse Operative

Favourite game: Corner'd

Did you know: I'm nuts about cars!


Richard Yateman

Warehouse Manager

Favourite game: BrainBox Football

Did you know: I've never missed a Man City game!