Colour & Learn - Teddy Bears

Colour & Learn - Teddy Bears
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Join Alice and bring to life these beautiful teddy bears, Each illustration features a teddy bear or one of Alice’s friends, Chunky the dog or Captain the cat. All the teddy bears have been restored with love by Alice, the girl in charge of taking in and lovingly putting the teddy bears back together again. There’s Cobby, found at sea, waterlogged and alone. Alice found him and now he is back home with his owner, Tom. Tat has been loved so much he has lost most of his stuffing. Now he is back and looking fabulous. Woodroffe found in an attic, needed some TLC and is now ready for a new friend to take care of him.


Close your eyes and pretend you are on an adventure with each of these teddy bears. What colour fur do they have? Is it a summer day or a crisp autumn day? Help bring these pages and teddy bears to life.


Make them leap from the page… make them yours!

Contents 56 page book containing 24 illustrations.

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