Horrible Histories: The Rotten Romans

Horrible Histories: The Rotten Romans
Horrible Histories: The Rotten Romans
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What do you know about the Roman Empire? Care to test your knowledge about one of the greatest civilisations of out world? Horrible Histories: The Rotten Romans, a barbaric board game to entertain and educate. Players discover the nasty bits in history while controlling the fortunes of gladiators escaping from the Colosseum, Rome and fiendish Roman Soldiers. Be a Gladiator, brought to Rome as a slave, and see if you can escape the horrors of the Colosseum and get back to your homeland. You will need to gather tools and weapons, make friends and allies, bribe guards, and avoid the soldiers chasing you. Glory and freedom will be your reward. Also, play as a Roman soldier, and stop those other gory Gladiators from making their way out of the city. This game will catapult you into the wicked world of Terry Deary’s international bestselling books and help you discover the nasty bits in history for yourself. All the gore and much more!

Age 8 - 108
Barcode 718122 010042
Carton Quantity 6
RRP £23.00
Players 2
Playing Time 30 Minutes
Contents 1 gameboard, 15 player markers, 10 soldier markers, 110 cards, 58 resource tiles, 2 white dice, 2 black dice and rules booklet

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