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Colour & Learn - Animals
Do you want to catch a tiger by the tail? Or ride on a majestic elephant? How about trying to out..
BrainBox Ireland
  Can you name all of Ireland’s counties? Or the year footballer George Best was born?..
Snap and Pairs - Egyptians
BrainBox The World
Do you know where Machu Pichu is? Or what bird New Zealanders are named after? BrainBox World con..
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Name 5
  Can you name five famous rivers, five British Kings or Queens, or five high-end design..
Dot to Dot - On the go
  Dot-To-Dots is now available in a handy travel version! With puzzles ranging from 500 ..
Colour & Learn - Birds
When you think of a bird, what comes to mind? The laugh of a kookaburra, the display of a peacock..
  Beneath its playful exterior, Corner’D is a fiendishly strategic game of pattern, pe..
Dot to Dot - Sport
  It’s all about physical and mental athletisism with Extreme Dot-To-Dot sport. With p..
Colour & Learn - Horses
When you think of a horse, what comes to mind? The speed and power of a Thoroughbred racehorse, t..
Word Bits
  Word Bits is simply a great game, easy to understand and can be played by anyone. Simp..
Dot to Dot - Things that swim
  Discover the amazing animals of our oceans, rivers and lakes with Dot-To-Dot things th..
Colour & Learn - Landmarks
How would you like to meet the Giant Buddha of Lantau? Or run along the Great Wall of China? Or s..
Line Links
  This great game was created by renowned German games Inventor Reiner Knizia. To play L..
Colour & Learn - Minibeasts
Can you feel that hairy spider slowly climbing up your arm? Do you get a buzz from bumblebees? Ca..
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