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BrainBox Horrible Histories Awful Ancients

RRP: £12.00

Do you know how much each pyramid weighed? Or what a Roman Testudo was? Is it true that Greek soldiers had to pay for their own weapons and armour?

Dont just take their word for it; find out for yourself how atrocious these Awful Ancients really were with 54 picture cards illustrated and humorously worded in true Horrible Histories style!

The object of the game is to study a card for 10 seconds and then answer a question based on the roll of a die. If the question is answered correctly, the card is kept, and the person with the most cards after 5 or 10 minutes is the winner.

Made from a minimum of 70% recycled material, the BrainBox range is fabulous fun.

  • Fun and easy way to learn about the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans in true Horrible Histories style
  • Great cross-generational family game
  • Improves reading, observation, memory and recall abilities
  • Quick and easy to understand and learn; great for history enthusiasts
  • Easy to store
  • Suitable for children aged 8+
  • Simple to play by yourself or with as many players as desired
  • Made from at least 70% recycled material and designed in the UK
  • Can be played for 10 minutes or can play through the entire deck

Players: 1+

Age: 8+

Carton size: 12

SKU: 90025

Contents: 55 cards, 1 rules card, 1 sand timer, 1 die,